Energy Consumption…

October 16. 2008

    The Provincial Government has been trying to get us to reduce our energy consumption, in particular electricity useage, for some time now. Smart meters have been installed on a great number of homes to limit our usage during peak generation. times therefore saving us all money and energy. Well OPG, Ontario Power Generation, has just announced that homes that use the least electricity will pay 12% more than others at 4.5% begining November 1st.
    OPG says higher costs are due to higher costs of running nuclear plants, promoting conservation and adding renewable energy and natural gas generation to the grid, as well as the government’s plan to phase out coal-fired generation plants.
    As of November 1st, we will be paying 5.6 cents per killowatt-hour up to 1000 kilowatt-hours per month. Above that the rate climbs to 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. (Source: The Toronto Star)



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