Hillier dump likely to be closed…

 December 9, 2008

Hillier dump likely to be closed for the winter

News has just come to light that the Public Works Department has suggested that Council close the Hillier dump from January 1st until April 1st. Even though I don’t use the Hillier dump many people in our area do. Where are you going to leave all of the recycling from Christmas? Where is your general garbage, that you gladly spend an extra dollar to dump, going to go. Convenience is what the local people have enjoyed for many years and that should remain.
It seems that the people that run the dump would like to go south for the Winter. Well running a dump must be very lucrative if you can go south for three months. Why did Public Works agree this when the original tender for running the dump probably stated it was for an entire year. Instead of calling this a breach of contract the merrily agree. If you didn’t want to work for an entire year then why did you apply for the job?
If this can happen in Hillier where else? Click on our Blog link and have your say if you can’t make the meeting or call Councilor Burris at 613-399-5416
If you want to voice your opinion, come to Council on the 15th and have your voice heard.


Bridge ribbon cutting today…

December 5, 2008

The official ribbon cutting of our newly constructed, ugly, bridge occurred today. In attendance were various officials from the County, the Province and Parliment Hill, as well as the contractor. Even though we were not invited, CARA, sent a representative to oversee the festivities and take pictures.