Consecon gets new signage…

 June 13, 2009

Beautiful new Village of Consecon signs erected.

consecon road signNick Nowitski photo.

Well it has been awhile since we were tasked with erecting new signs along Loyalist Parkway to let everyone know where Consecon was, but I am pleased to announce the wait is over. There are two beautiful new signs along the highway announcing our presence. As good as they look during the day, vehicles cruising along the road will see us glowing in the night.
The signs were paid for by the members of the Consecon and Area Ratepayers Association and they would like to thank the following for their participation;

  • Al Cochrane of Consecon for the preliminary design;
  • Consecon Womens Institute as well as Bayfield for their donations to this project;
  • Joe Oram of Carved in Stone signs in Brighton for the final design and execution;
  • the County’s Roger McCaw (Senior Roads and Urban Supervisor) and his crew for installing the sign posts.