Water Users Meeting…

 June 10, 2010

Last night’s water meeting was a great success. There were so many people in attendance with varying levels of frustration over the proposed 100% plus price increase in our water rates. There was a wealth of information put forward by our Mayor,Leo Finnigan, Councillor Diane O’Brien and Commission of Corporate Services and Finance Susan Turnbull. But what really got the backs up of the attendees was that Council feels that the water users in Picton, who we all feel get preferential treatment, should have their increase phased in over 5 years. It was learned that these same users never paid a cent to hook up to their water in the first place. The consensus was that since we paid over $5000 to hook up to our water they should pay their fair share, nearly $8000, to do the same. No one in this County should get special treatment. If you are as steamed about this issue, please come out to one or both proposed meetings on this subject on June 21st at the Ameliasburgh Town Hall or June 23rd at the Crystal Palace in Picton.


water meeting1

water meeting2Susan Turnbull speaking to the crowd.