32nd Santa Parade Coming…

October 28, 2013

The 32nd. Annual Santa Claus Parade fast approaching, Sunday, November 17th to be exact.  Sherri Bergman and Janet Battagglio will be holding a meeting to get ideas, input and willing volunteers wishing to be part of the CARA Float team.

Meeting will be at 10:00 am Sunday, November 3rd at Janet B’s Gallery & Studio, 9 Division Blvd next door to the Cascades. (Tentative theme is ‘This is our Community’). Need more info, contact Sherri at


Size of Council Special Council Meeting…

October 09, 2013

Special Council meeting Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm  

Mayor Mertens has called a Special Council Meeting for the purpose of holding a public meeting to consider the September 19, 2013 Committee of the Whole report containing recommendations regarding the size of Council and ward boundaries. The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers, Shire Hall, Picton and Council will be voting on the following motions:

  • Motion #1 THAT the Council for the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward be reduced from the current composition of 15 Councillors plus a Mayor to 10 Councillors plus a Mayor, as recommended by the Prince Edward County Citizens’ Assembly.
  • Motion #2 THAT Option 5b, which creates new ward boundaries with 2 Councillors per ward for electoral purposes for the County of Prince Edward, be adopted.
  • Motion #3 THAT any new electoral divisions that are created be identified by numbers only and be for municipal election voting purposes only; THAT the original pre-amalgamation boundaries and names be retained for all purposes other than municipal election voting, such as marketing, branding, tourism, community identity and events and recreation committees; and THAT the original pre-amalgamation municipalities’ names be retained and identified by signage, maps and other publications as “The historic township (town or village) of…….” to further enhance and maintain the historical significance of those original municipalities, and the community identification with place.

This is a contentious issue not only on Council, but for many living in the County. This meeting is most likely your last kick at the can, if you have any feeling and/or thoughts about this issue either for or against these recommendations you’re encouraged to attend this meeting and be heard. Ward redistribution map jpg attached.Ward Map by Mertens