Nick Livingstone has died…

August 04, 2014

Nick Livingstone, a larger than life character around Consecon, died suddenly at his home on Sunday, August 3rd, from a massive heart attack. Nick, a Master Electrician, owned and operated Livingstone Construction and the the Consecon Mill property known as Cascades.  On behalf of C.A.R.A., and the village of Consecon we send our deepest condolences to Nick’s wife Linda and his children.  This wonderful big character will be missed around here. ​Nick’s legacy in Consecon was bringing new life to the village by purchasing the Consecon Grist Mill, the Seed Mill and two houses along the water’s edge with a vision for a centre of lively activity.  After a fire he rebuilt the mill into apartment units, a pub & grill with a dance floor and a deck to enjoy the water.  And completed one of the houses as a commercial/residential space.  He was thrilled when the final touch, to have art was realized when Janet B Gallery & Studios arrived in 2012 also bringing yoga and inviting more artists so in 2013 he converted the 123 year old home into a loft apartment and studio, home to the Goddess Fab Jewelery Design Studio. Originally, Nick operated Cascades Pub & Grill with his former wife Patti.  He returned to work at Livingstone Construction full time and in 2010 Rick and Deanna Furber carried on the tradition and are celebrating their 4th anniversary as proprietors of the Cascades Pub & Grill.


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