Funeral Arrangements for Nick Livingstone…

August 05, 2014

Weaver Funeral Homes – Trenton West Chapel, Ontario  Service details  here!

A place to post memories, stories and photos to share is on the Weaver funeral home site.

Also, our website has a History Page and you have been invited to share stories and images of Nick’s connection with Consecon and the renovation and development of the Cascades mill.

A bigger than life character, with a generous heart, Nick provided his garage at the Cascades Mill every year for decorating the C.A.R.A. float in the Consecon Santa Clause parade every year.

Nick also generously donated his employee’s time to install the original banner brackets for Consecon Banner Painting Festival in order that we might enjoy them.

Consecon Day,  Nick was a good sport,  here at Cascades Friday morning he was reminiscing about  getting “knocked around” in the dunk tank, how hard it was and that he had done it over the years and now he was leaving that to others now!!!




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