PEC Transportation Survey…

 Prince Edward County Transportation Survey

The County Community Foundation (CCF), the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward Community Development Department and many other agencies and services within The County are looking  at the challenges of transportation within the Municipality and how they can be best addressed.

Please take a moment to fill out a transportation survey for us. Even if you don’t think this survey would apply to you, we would appreciate your feedback. We need to know how you travel now, what’s working well for you, what transportation struggles you have, if any, and if you would use a more public form of transportation system if it was available. The information gathered will be used to build on the services and transportation options already available in our community and to inform the creation of a plan to help people who live in Prince Edward County get where they need or want to go, affordibly and conveniently.Thank you for your participation.Transportation Survey :  We would like to obtain a good response from all areas of Prince Edward County.

Grace Nyman, Community Development Coordinator, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward T: 613.476.2148 ext. 255  |  F: 613.476.8356

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