Consecon Walking / Biking Routes Meeting

May 27, 2015

Awesome Group to hear Toby Toth’s pitch (one of five chosen) on the Consecon Walking / Biking Routes. Let’s hope she gets chosen for the $1000 seed money prize.

Come out tonight to the Drake at 7pm to support an awesome idea!!

Consecon Walking / Biking Routes

Stinson Block 10 km (black)
Outer Loop 2 km (pink)
Porter Hill ½ km (green)
Mill Pond ½ km (silver)
Pigtail triangle 0.7km (red)
Wellington Ave 0.6km (blue)
Hillier half 1.3km (white)

Consecon Bike Route


One thought on “Consecon Walking / Biking Routes Meeting

  1. Unfortunately Toby’s proposal was not chosen for the prize, but it was well received by the committee.

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