June 13 – The Storehouse Foodbank is in dire need of food and funds.

June 13, 2015

The Storehouse Foodbank is in dire need of food and funds. In the Consecon area alone we are feeding 49 families which is over 150 individuals counting their spouses and children. Foodbanks right across Ontario have a really hard time from May to August as people get busy with summer. But we as a foodbank still have to feed people and unfortunately we do not receive any government assistance to purchase any food, the only funds we receive are from the generous people in our communities. So if you can help please mail cheques to the address below or you can drop off a donation to Emm’s Restaurant or Cascades Pub & Grill right in Consecon. If you would like to give a donation of food, you can either call Linda Downey 613-399-1450 or you can bring into the foodbank on Wednesdays from 10-3. Thank you for helping us, help others in your community stay healthy.

Also if there are any gardeners or farmers in Consecon that would like to grow a row of fruit or vegetables for the foodbank we would be glad to accept it, please see our new program called Fresh For All at or call for more information–

Linda Downey
Storehouse Foodbank
305 Niles Street
Box 441
K0K 3L0
613-399-1450 or 613-849-7403