*Aug. 29 – Comedy Country Improv Workshop – Consecon Library

August 29, 2015

Comedy Country Improv Workshop – Consecon Library

Free! Ages 15 and up. 16 spaces available. Registration required with Christine at: or by phone at 613-476-5962
Improv is for everyone! Join performers from Comedy Country for a two-hour improvisation workshop. Get on your feet and learn the basics of improv comedy from some of Canada’s finest teachers. Have fun, laugh lots, try something new in a supportive environment. These workshops are perfect for people with little to no improv experience.

What is improv? Improv is a comedy performance style where the actors make up the story on the spot. It’s great fun to watch and perform, but improv is also a life skill. The basics of improv – listening, team work, acceptance and heightening – have been used around the world as tools for building confidence, creating community, fostering creativity, teaching literacy, and training people in the world of business. Improv truly is for everyone!


*Aug. 20 – Wild Parsnip sited within Consecon

August 20, 2015

Please be advised that there have been reports of Wild Parsnip sited within the Consecon area. Wild parsnip is an invasive, noxious plant that is becoming prevalent in the Ontario Landscape.  The plant produces sap containing chemicals that can cause human skin to react to sunlight, resulting in intense burns, rashes or blisters and as such, should be avoided.


Please see hyperlink for more information, including pictures, which will help you to identify this plant: Wild Parsnip.


* Aug. 13 – COW meeting rocked when our 3 Councillors walk out of size of Council discussions.

August 13, 2015

COW meeting rocked when our 3 Councillors (Janice Maynard, Dianne O’Brien, Roy Pennell, along with Jamie Forrester (Athol) and David Harrison (Hallowell).) walk out of “size of Council discussions” after Councillor Jim Dunlop (Wellington) said he would like to see Ameliasburgh councillors showing support for Wellington and other places in the County, not just the Ameliasburgh ward. Dunlop later said he was sorry, but his comment showed he really was not furthering TEAM SPIRIT. Read more at and in the Intelligencer.