14 thoughts on “*Nov.20 – Tomorrow @ 1pm – Consecon’s 35th Santa Claus Parade

  1. Thanks Nick Nowitski. Nice shot of #swiftsurevesselsolutions and #theMerchantsMill in the parade. Glad to have been a part of it. Maybe next year, Gizmo will take part!

  2. Congratulations to the parade winners:

    Best Walkers – Melissa & Ivy MacDonald
    Best Band – Air Force City Pipeband, Quinte West
    Most Original Floar – Baldwin Electric

  3. It was a great parade as always. So proud of the effort Conseconians put into their parade and also the people who contribute to the Arts, Crafts and Bake Sales at the different venues.

  4. It was a fabulous parade and a wonderful turn out….can’t believe the snow kept getting worse throughout the day.

  5. Consecon Santa Clause Parade snapd, we made the front page no less!!! Thank you snapd for coming to Consecon and featuring our Santa Clause Parade…….

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