7 thoughts on “*May 06 – Legion’s First Open Mic

  1. Open Mic Saturday afternoon was a huge success! The Legion Hall was packed with fabulous musicians, singers, and fun-loving audience. Tony Broad hosted the Open Mic with his usual subtle style. A core group of musicians was there to accompany each performer as needed and others rotated through the night. Very exciting. Members of “The Oak Room Gang” at Cascades got up together to dance and help rock the room. Many different musicians and styles of music were played and the sound system was fantastic. Loud enough to rock, and still have a conversation. It couldn’t have been better. People enjoyed being cozy with friends having a drink with burgers or bratwurst.

    Legion members, executive and did an amazing job so thank you to all those volunteers, without with, we could not have these wonderful events.

    Join the Legion – Open to the Public!

  2. Many thanks to members of Consecon Legion and Tony Broad for an absolutely fabulous Open Mic….it was super fun…..

  3. oops….forgot to thank all the entertainers who also were fabulous – thanks for coming out and sharing your wonderful talents

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