26 thoughts on “*May 10 – New Owners of Cascades Come Forward

  1. Interesting article in wellington Times today about Cascades and the new owner’s plans….by the time he’s finished the only thing I’ll be able to afford is a glass of water, if that….yuk

  2. I couldn’t find it either. But what your saying Nancy sounds like the local Legion will benefit from this.

  3. Here is the article about Cascades new owner
    from today in the Wellington times…
    Read… I would love your comments. You be the judge…

  4. Great read!!?? We SHOULD be reading about the next band coming to Cascades and new summer menu, food drive, Toy drive and all the other wonderful things this place provided.

  5. Hmm, insulation? Upgrades? Ya, upgrades were done because the building didn’t pass fire code inspection, insulation? There isn’t any in the pub part. Gears and pulleys? They are gone, that smell is the molasses from the tank that he punched a hole in during the salmon spawn and Hazmat came in to do the cleanup, he had a vision all right.

  6. Well, it would be nice if they geared the prices to the local people who live around here. A nice place to dine out with reasonable family prices.

  7. I wish them luck. Good to have people who have the $$$$ to invest here. It will bring new people and attract people who would be able to invest here. Either a house or new business. We have enough fast food place and family restaurant here.

  8. I’m willing to give someone who is willing to invest considerable capital on the mill and in Consecon the benefit of the doubt.

  9. Awesome! This is amazing! Welcome, Mr. Mclean! Cascades will surely be missed, but this is fantastic for the town!! However, I disagree that the bypass is a problem. We just have yet to market it as an asset.

  10. Yes The Cascades is much missed…This will be good for the town if the new owner remembers, The Villagers and includes Them in decisions that affect the Village…

  11. I understand the emotional attachment, but this is not actually necessary as no other business has that requirement either. Note dollar store opening, etc. Villagers have the right to open their own businesses, lobby with the council for restrictions, etc. Each of us may feel strongly (and probably differently) about town developments, but our opinions have little bearing on these things. Ideally, we all support all local businesses we believe in and opt to leave others alone rather than rally against them unless there is some grand injustice.

  12. I’m sure it will be a lovely place, but I moved here because it was old and quaint and off the path!

  13. Super excited! There is no reason why our village cannot become a destination to rival others in the County.

  14. Consecon is, by rights, the gateway to Prince Edward County. This could be just the thing to make lovely Consecon a place where people slow down and stop, and not just zoom past. I look forward to seeing Mr McLean’s vision come to life.

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