*June 10 – Run/Walk/Bike and OPEN HOUSE@ New Life Girls Home

June 10, 2017

It’s our 10th Anniversary for the Run/Walk/Bike and OPEN HOUSE. Bring your family and come out and help us celebrate!!! Registration starts at $25 and/or fundraised pledges from 8 am. to 9 am. The Run/Walk/Bike begins at 9am. We have a 5km & 10km Run/Walk/Bike, 30km Bike or a 1/2 marathon. There will be a FREE BBQ, door prizes, face painting, outdoor activities, prize draw and event t-shirt.
To register for our Run/Walk/Bike please click the link.


*June 07 – We’re Back…the Merchant’s Mill

June 07, 2017

We have an exciting new season lineup for you – gifts and goods that continue to be conscientiously selected (promoting local, sustainable items) and are well-priced and tax-free (making smart shopping and great gift-giving more accessible). Looking forward to connecting with you, in kindness, Toby





*June 06 – Trenton High School and Consecon Business Association are teaming up for a tourism class project

June 06, 2017

Trenton High School and Consecon Business Association are teaming up to solve a problem!
Date is set – Tuesday 6 June 17 (9:15 – 2:00)
Location is the Mason Hall

Would you like to participate (symbiotic relationship opportunity here – help them and they help you)

It is a tourism class project where they workshop about our specific tourism challenges and then present back to us.

Specifically – it is Specialist High Skills Major: Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Training and it is a Ministry of Education SHSM program.

What we need from you – show up? Wave as we go by? Take a bus ride? If you can only spare a few moments, choose between info delivery to them in the morning, free lunch, or hearing their proposals and providing feedback in the afternoon.

Free lunch requires a.m. or p.m. activity help on your part.

RSVP ASAP … NLT morning of Monday the fifth

* chime in at the comments or to me at Thanks!