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September 13, 2017


The County of Prince Edward Water and Wastewater Services Department is responsible for the administration, maintenance and operation of The County’s drinking water systems and wastewater systems.  For more information regarding the activities undertaken by the Water and Wastewater Services Department, please select from one options below:

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‌‌‌‌‌Drinking Water

The County of Prince Edward is committed to providing safe drinking water to customers served by municipal systems. Water treatment and distribution systems are maintained according to legislation and industry standards. Samples are regularly collected and tested for the presence of chemicals and bacteria.

The County’s Drinking Water Quality Policy

“The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward is committed to providing safe and high quality drinking water through the maintenance and continual improvement of our treatment, distribution and Quality Management systems. The County also ensures that all water works personnel are properly certified, that they receive appropriate training and that they are aware of and comply with the legislation and regulations that are applicable to the production and distribution of safe drinking water. This policy is applicable to all certified Water Services employees who maintain the residential drinking water systems included in the scope of the Drinking Water Systems Operational Plan.”

The County of Prince Edward operates and maintains six drinking water systems, including:

  • Picton Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System, servicing Picton and Bloomfield
  • Wellington Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System
  • Ameliasburgh Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System
  • Peat’s Point Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System
  • Stand-alone distribution systems that service Consecon and Carrying Place
  • Stand-alone distribution system that service Rossmore and Fenwood Gardens

Drinking Water Annual and Summary Reports

Hydrant Flushing

Ensuring the maintenance of a continual, adequate supply of drinking water requires that The County conduct hydrant flushing and inspection on an annual basis. Hydrant flushing and inspection helps to keep water mains clear of sediment,  which helps to ensure clear drinking water in our distribution system; ensure distribution system infrastructure is maintained in good working order; and to ensure water demand can be met for fire protection as per the Ontario Fire Code. Flushing activities can sometimes result in coloured water and reduced water pressure in some areas. For more information on hydrant flushing and how to manage coloured water, view or print our Hydrant Flushing Schedule and Fact Sheet‌. Daily updates when flushing is underway can be found on the Construction, Closures and Service Disruptions page.

Water Restrictions

Water use can increase by 50% or more at drinking water treatment facilities during summer months as a result of increased water usage for outdoor purposes, like watering grass and washing vehicles. Significant increases in water use can result in impacts to water supply in the resulting in:

  • lower water pressures in The County’s distribution system,
  • reduced available water storage
  • additional stress on facility operation
  • increased system impacts
  • low water levels in surrounding water bodies and groundwater

To limit impacts of increased water usage, The County may regulate the use of drinking water for outside purposes through the Water Conservation By-Law‌. Water restrictions may implemented seasonally or not at all depending on the conditions in the water treatment facility and source water in a given year. For customers connected to the Peat’s Point drinking water system, water restrictions remain in place year-round.



The Water and Wastewater Services Department performs locates for underground water and wastewater infrastructure. Ontario One Call receives excavation locate requests and notifies registered owners of underground facilities within the vicinity of the planned excavation. Call before you dig for free locates! Visit for more information.

Water Billing

Water and Wastewater billing is overseen by Revenue Services, a branch of the County’s Revenue Department. For billing inquiries, call 613.476.2148 x 1527. You might also find the following links helpful:

Rates for Water & Wastewater Services are set by Council in By-Law 4018-2017 Water and Sanitary Sewage Service‌.

Contact the Water and Wastewater Department

General Inquiries: The Water and Wastewater Department can be contacted by email at or by calling 613.476.2148

Emergency Response: Emergency response and on-call coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies can be reported at any time to the on-call operator:

  • For Drinking Water related emergencies, call 613.969.4871
  • For Wastewater related emergencies, call 613.967.8860

Billing Inquiries: The Revenue Department can be contacted by email regarding billing inquiries, or by calling , please call 613.476.2148 x 1527.

Storm Sewer, Ditch, Drainage Basin Inquiries: The Roads Operations Department can be contacted by email at or by calling 613.476.6505

General notifications and service disruptions caused by either planned or emergency repairs or maintenance on the drinking water and wastewater treatment systems will be posted on our Construction, Closures and Service Disruptions page.