One thought on “*July 14 – Legion Bass Derby

  1. We had another successful annual Bass Derby and fish fry yesterday.
    It’s our volunteer’s that make the difference.

    I would like to thank the following….
    Ken – Who ran the event and weighed in fish
    Kim and Mark – who cooked
    Veronica – who cooked
    Nick – who weighed in the fish and cooked
    Cory – who weighed in the fish and made salads
    Macky – who cooked and managed the kitchen
    Jim, Gordie & Jeremy – who filleted the fish
    Renee – who helped with the clean-up

    If I missed anyone – please let me know

    We can’t keep asking the same members to volunteer all the time, please think about helping with YOUR Legion events.

    It’s YOUR Legion, support us as you are able
    Alistair Stark

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