Hillier dump likely to be closed…

 December 9, 2008

Hillier dump likely to be closed for the winter

News has just come to light that the Public Works Department has suggested that Council close the Hillier dump from January 1st until April 1st. Even though I don’t use the Hillier dump many people in our area do. Where are you going to leave all of the recycling from Christmas? Where is your general garbage, that you gladly spend an extra dollar to dump, going to go. Convenience is what the local people have enjoyed for many years and that should remain.
It seems that the people that run the dump would like to go south for the Winter. Well running a dump must be very lucrative if you can go south for three months. Why did Public Works agree this when the original tender for running the dump probably stated it was for an entire year. Instead of calling this a breach of contract the merrily agree. If you didn’t want to work for an entire year then why did you apply for the job?
If this can happen in Hillier where else? Click on our Blog link and have your say if you can’t make the meeting or call Councilor Burris at 613-399-5416
If you want to voice your opinion, come to Council on the 15th and have your voice heard.


Bridge ribbon cutting today…

December 5, 2008

The official ribbon cutting of our newly constructed, ugly, bridge occurred today. In attendance were various officials from the County, the Province and Parliment Hill, as well as the contractor. Even though we were not invited, CARA, sent a representative to oversee the festivities and take pictures.



Councillor O’Brien Responds…

November 2, 2008

Here is the reply I received from Councilor Diane O’Brien regarding Lakeside Drive…”Council has agreed to make Lakeside Drive a one way road on a trial  basis (six months ) and there is to be a traffic study completed in the spring to ensure we have addressed the concerns of the residents in the most effective and safe manner. Should you have any concerns I would be most pleased to pass them on at council.”



Energy Consumption…

October 16. 2008

    The Provincial Government has been trying to get us to reduce our energy consumption, in particular electricity useage, for some time now. Smart meters have been installed on a great number of homes to limit our usage during peak generation. times therefore saving us all money and energy. Well OPG, Ontario Power Generation, has just announced that homes that use the least electricity will pay 12% more than others at 4.5% begining November 1st.
    OPG says higher costs are due to higher costs of running nuclear plants, promoting conservation and adding renewable energy and natural gas generation to the grid, as well as the government’s plan to phase out coal-fired generation plants.
    As of November 1st, we will be paying 5.6 cents per killowatt-hour up to 1000 kilowatt-hours per month. Above that the rate climbs to 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. (Source: The Toronto Star)



Tax Increase?

October 15. 2008

Are we headed for another tax increase this coming year?  Well no one is saying for sure, but why would council direct staff to look at a 3.5% increase in their budgets?


Vito’s Fast Foods has changed hands…

October 1, 2008

Vito’s Fast Foods has changed hands and is now owned and operated by Erin Karaz. Erin says that she has some exciting, new and refreshing items that will soon be a part of the menu, but that some of the old favourites will still be available. Stop by, say hello and take home a great tasting pizza.






Legion Awards Presented…

September 21, 2008

Our local RCL branch 509 had it’s awards banquet where numerous service awards were handed to members. Of note were two very special awards, one for Legionnaire of the Year presented to Ron Mastin, the current membership chair and the other a Life Membership presented to Ken Ward, a past president and Zone Deputy Commander for Zone F3.






Dixie Lee Dine In Now Open…

September 24, 2008

The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of Consecon’s most recent business, Dixie Lee Dine In – Take Out Chicken & Seafood Restaurant and “Country Fresh Market”. Owned by Bill and Juanita Kemp, the new addition to Consecon’s business landscape appears to be warmly welcomed by one and all. Bill says that he is very pleased with the warm reception that Dixie Lee has received and is looking forward to working with the community in various ways. Hours of operation are currently 11:00a.m. – 7:00p.m. M-T, 11:00a.m. – 7:30p.m. Fri./Sat. Dixie Lee is located at 20261 Loyalist Parkway and can be contacted at 613-394-5500.