*May 6 – CARA Inc. AGM at the Legion 2:00pm

May 6, 2018

Your new Executive Committee. I’m glad to see new faces attending and stepping up. Also, our constitution has been amended so that the year end is April 30 from December 31.

CARA’S 12th Annual AGM


Sunday May 6th

2:00 p.m. – 3:30p.m.

at the

Consecon Legion Br. 509


  • Highlights of our year’s activities

  • Proposed amendments to the Constitution

  • New business (bring your issues and requests or call 613 965 1878 to add to the agenda)

Guest Speaker: Ray Patterson

Topic: Wellers Bay flooding and the State of Wellers Bay Project

CARA exists to help improve conditions in Consecon and area on behalf of its residents. We make deputations to council, co-sponsor events and beautification projects and support community activities. We invite you to participate in our community by:

  • Volunteering at one or more of our great community-focused events

  • Getting involved in one or more of our beautification projects

  • Being a member of the executive to help plan Consecon’s future

  • Coming out and showing your support by becoming a member.

Membership is open to all in our community who wish to join. Please note that membership fees must be paid prior to the meeting so that you can exercise your voting privileges.

Help your community and join CARA Inc.


* April 24, 2016 – Cara Inc. holds its 10th Annual General Meeting at the Masonic Hall from 2:00 pm to 3:30pm.

April 24, 2016




Our guest speaker, Mason – Harold Newton

The CARA Inc. AGM was held at the Masonic Lodge #50 today with approximately 25 people in attendance. Among those in the audience were Mayor, Robert Quaiff and Councillors Janice Maynard, Roy Pennell, and Diane O’Brien (Ward 4  – Ameliasburgh), Steve Graham (Ward 7 = Hillier) and Bill Roberts (Ward 10 – Sophiasburgh).
Thank you to the Masons of Lodge #50 for the use of their hall.
After the meeting agenda was complete, President Nick Nowitski, presented the crowd slices of a 10th Anniversary CARA commemorative cake.

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Photos by Toby Toth

Your new CARA Inc. Executive for 2016

Nick Nowitski, President

Ena Walton, Vice President

Sherri Bergman, Past President

Geraldine Demmiere, Treasurer

Wendy Smith, Secretary

Janet Battaglio, Member at Large

Bill McMahon, Member at Large

Alistair Stark, Member at Large

Lynn Toth, Member at Large

CARA AGM notice

2015 AGM…

 May 22, 2015

The annual general meeting for the Consecon and Area Ratepayers’ Association Inc. got underway at 2:00 p.m and ran about 2 hours.

Unfortunately in attendance were few Prince Edward County Councillors.  CARA will looked back at 2014 and the successes and challenges that came with it. We also will be looking at what the new year will bring, both positive ideas and obstacles to tackle.

The Downtown Revitalization Project in the County is on the agenda as well with speakers Tom Coke and Wendy Lane explaining how and why  it will affect Consecon.

The meeting encompassed revisions to the constitution and election of officers.

Thank you to the Masons for use of their hall.


New 2015 Cara Executive 1

CARA Inc. 2015 Executive

L to R.. Member at Large (M@L) Janet Battaglio,  Wendy Smith (Secretary), Rom Mastin (M@L), Geraldine Demmiere (Treasurer), Nick Nowitski (VP), Lynn Toth (M@L), Sherri Bergman (President) Steve  Williams (M@L) CatherineTobias (M@L Resigned), Ena  Walton (M@L), Trevor  Smith (M@L), Missing Bill McMahon (Past President)

2014 AGM…



President / County Lisason- Sherri Bergman
Past President / Public Relation Liaison: Bill McMahon
Vice President – Janet Battaglio
Secretary – Bryon Zizman
Treasurer / Membership – Ron Mastin

Deryck Whiddicombe
Geraldine Demierre
Trevor Smith
Ted Cullin
Chris Rutt

2014 executiveLeft to right; Ted Cullin, Deryck Whiddicombe, Ron Mastin, Janet Battaglio, Sherri Bergman, Bryon Zizman, Trevor Smith, and Bill McMahon.



2011 AGM…

March 2011

CARA Executive Committee 2011

President – Bill McMahon

Vice President – TBA

Secretary – Laura Dann

Treasurer – Ron Mastin

Council Liaison/Water Committee – Robert KeenePublic

Relations – Paulina McMahon

​Recreation Committee Liaison – Geraldine Demierre

2010 AGM…

March 28, 2010

    CARA held it`s required AGM (Annual General Meeting) today, March 28, 2010at the Consecon Legion Branch 509. There were approximately 28 members in attendance along with two Councillors, Peggy Burris and Diane O`Brien. Revisions to our constitution were discussed and approved and nominations for the Executive Committee were accepted. All members will be returning with Dick Silverthorn as the Vice-President and Nick Nowitski filling the newly created position as Immediate Past-President. CARA would like to thank Carol Haegsma, Legion President, for hosting our meeting.

AGM 05-28-2010

CARA Executive Committee 2010
President – Bill McMahon
Vice President – Dick Silverthorn
Secretary – Laura Dann
Treasurer – Ron Mastin
Council Liaison/Water Committee – Robert Keene
Public Relations – Paulina McMahon
Recreation Committee Liaison – Geraldine Demierre


2009 CARA Public Meeting…

October 25, 2009

This afternoon 23 area residents came out to CARA’s public meeting held at the Masonic Hall


Nick Nowitski Photo

Guest speakers;

OPP Constable Dave Mowbray addressed community safety and how to keep your home safe when you are away. He suggested that we all lock our vehicles and homes. When away, have a friend or neighbour pick-up your newspapers and plow your driveway. You should put your lights on timers to make your home look occupied. He also spoke on the 4 Wheeler by-law and what it contained. He noted that all riders MUST have a valid drivers license, vehicle license, ownership and insurance. They are allowed on Loyalist Parkway ONLY between October 1st and May 1st during sun-up and sun-down. They cannot have any passengers and must drive at a maximum of 50kph in an 80kph zone.

Councilor Peggy Burris addressed the current rumour of our post office closing as false. She asked that attendees sign a petition from some unknown group to keep our current electoral boundaries intact.

Bill Kemp, on behalf of himself and wife Juanita, thanked CARA on behalf of its membership for nominating their Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood Restaurant and Country Farm Market for a Quinte Business Achievement Award. With nearly 75 potential candidates, they won New Business of the Year 2009.

Many new members signed up and a great number in attendance left comments about what they would like to see CARA do in the coming year. A big thankyou to the Masons and all who attended.


2009 AGM…

 March 22, 2009

CARA Annual General Meeting

    Nearly 40 local residents came out to CARA’s third Annual General Meeting this past Sunday at our local Legion. Our guest speaker was Mayor Leo Finnegan who gave a a great synopsis of what is going on with the Picton Hospital, the soon to be built round-about, and water emergency water notification. The Mayor also let all know what Consecon could look forward to in the coming years. Councillor Peggy Burris was also in attendance and gave us updated information on the Bald Head Beach situation. We had full colour displays of potential new Consecon signage along Loyalist Parkway and a covering of the new bridge. Our current Executive was acclaimed for another year of service and was thanked by everyone in attendance for a very informative meeting.